The Mitchells & Butlers Charitable Trusts We make a real difference to people's lives through hardship support for our local communities and by supporting access to education throughout the United Kingdom.

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The Welfare Fund

The William Waters Butler Welfare Fund was set up in 1954 to distribute funds for educational purposes. Funds are available to employees and children of Mitchells & Butlers and ‘successors in business’ of the Company, as well as external applicants who demonstrate a ‘hardship’ case for support.

The objects of this Fund are primarily to assist pupils resident in Birmingham and Smethwick to attend schools, Universities and other places of higher education, and secondly to make grants for the relief of necessitous residents of Birmingham and Smethwick.

The Trustees take an active role in their grant-making. Applicants are asked to complete an application form, which includes an assessment of financial circumstances in order to identify those in need.


To qualify, applicants must be 16 years or over, and a UK resident and undertaking one of the following educational course levels:

Grants are given towards the following items (this list is not exhaustive):

Applications for Master's or higher courses will not be considered.

Criteria for Internal Applicants

An ‘Internal’ applicant must be the child of an employee or ex-employee.

Employees include ‘successors in business of M&B’ including employees of Six Continents, Coors and Interbrew (provided they retain any of the former brewing operations of M&B).

All employees and ex-employees of these companies are eligible regardless of whether they served with the original company (Bass) or dealt directly with its pub or beer making business (but we must consider the companies they are employed by to be a ‘successor in business’).

Criteria for External Applicants

The external applicant qualification requirements are:

Making Your Application

Applications for 2021 will close on Friday 16 July 2021. The form for the 2021 application is here (click to download).

Please note that due to the volume of applications, the Welfare Fund Committee may not be able to honour all the funding requests.

To submit applications and for further information please use the contact details below.